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  • Essay Writing

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Study Skills and Homework Habits

Tutoring is available Monday to Friday, from 4pm to 7pm with each session allocated one hour. Sessions are booked on a one hour basis. If more time is required then the session may be extended if there are no previous bookings.


Please note that the Tutoring sessions should not be used for getting help with assignments the night before they are due. This is unfair to the student and the tutor, and does not end up as a positive experience for all those involved!


What is expected of the Student


The student is expected to come prepared just as they are expected to do in regular school. This involves:

  • Bringing books, assignment notes, workborks and other materials required to complete the assignment to the tutoring session

  • any tasks assigned to the student by the tutor are completed on time

  • any communication requests to the the regular school teacher, or parents are answered by the next tutuoring session


Give us a call today:

(705) 434-0099

ESL - Help with English


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