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Alliston Tutoring -With over twenty five years at the Secondary (High School) and Post secondary levels, our expertise in in English including Essay Writting, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills and Homework Help.

Tutoring available Monday to Friday,

4pm to 7pm in one hour sessions

Having a Tutor provides an environment with fewer distractions, with less noise and interruptions from peers. The one-on-one tutoring approach provides a more controllable environment and less prone to interference. There can be focus on specific areas that the student is having problems with that a normal teacher does not have time to help with.


Tutoring can help build the student's confidence and self-esteem which are very important for successful learning. If the student is shy, they rarely ask questions in a normal educational environment, but with personalized tutoring the student can ask questions without fear of social reprecussions.


Our approach is to consult with the student and parents (where applicable), and identify what the areas are that need to be addressed. The tutoring is based on what they are learning in school and to reinforce that which has been taught or what they are currently reading. With a specific goal identitified we will work with the student going step by step, explaining the work and encouraging the student to work through the assignment and discuss it with the tutor.



Alliston Tutuor

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(705) 434-0099

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